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Even small businesses can benefit from cloud computing

Even as internet and tech giants battle for superiority in the cloud computing market, small and medium-sized businesses can take advantage of the services. The technology is changing the way businesses operate and revolutionizing how companies store and back up important information, according to a Washington Post report by cloud computing researcher Erik Larson.

The cloud is also changing the way hardware and software is sold. Take cloud backup solutions, for example. Instead of purchasing external hard drives and other equipment that was necessary in the past, companies simply subscribe with a cloud computing vendor, install an application and data is securely stored on the internet, Larson said.

Today, nearly everything is going to the cloud, including accounting programs and phone and fax services, Larson continued. This is because the cloud is easy to use, requires minimal setup and comes at a lower cost than similar traditional services.

According to IDC, businesses will likely spend nearly $73 billion on cloud computing services in 2015. This increase from $21.5 billion in 2010 shows a significant improvement in awareness and demand of the technology, further suggesting the cloud may be beneficial to everyone.

Here are four ways a cloud service such as eFax and eVoice can help mortgage professionals stay mobile, and successful:

Close transactions faster:

Working with transactions how can i fax from my iphone, credit documents can be signed and sent by fax on the spot using applications such as the EFAX application for iOS and Android. With the virtual telephone service, such as Evoice, missed calls and delays or lost transactions from the “telephone tags” in the past.

Access anywhere, anytime:

Today, almost every businessman business is mobile and is based on a mobile connection to do work. Both online fax and virtual telephone services allow a mobile profession to manage important tasks, such as sending or receiving a fax, wherever they are.

Client -oriented service:

The ability to quickly respond and respond to the customer’s e -mail, the application or loan application is a distinctive feature of success for a mortgage broker. In the competitive market due to commodity prices and a thug, the reputation of good customer service can help the broker stand out from the package. Services such as EFAX and Evoice facilitate the rapid response environment that is necessary for the broker to create a positive reputation.

“Work smarter, not harder”

Services like eFax and eVoice assistance cut down the natural barriers that exist in the time and paperwork-intensive operation of buying or selling a home. eFax not only assistanceeliminate the need for paper, but helps liquidate the need for a fax machine and phone line. With eFax a broker could obtain, sign, and re-send a fax document, all from an app-enabled tablet or smartphone. With eVoice, listening to long, thorough messages become a thing of the past. Voicemails are transcribed and transmitted in an email or text message, allowing a broker to react to a voicemail by replying to the transcribed email.

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