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Free Antivirus for Android Smartphones

There is no doubt that some bad apps that can cripple your phone and antivirus apps are no different. First of all, you have to use best vpn client for android. After, instead of downloading some weird apps to protect your smartphone, which it won’t, we’ve brought you the best free antivirus for android which will do their thing.

1. AVG AntiVirus

AVG Antivirus is another well-known name when it comes to the protection of gadgets. You get a slew of features with AVG’s antivirus app which not only focuses on the threat online but also the outer one. Its antivirus game is strong which scans all your games and apps with a dual-engine antivirus to remove harmful content. Furthermore, it scans the sites your surf for serious threats. Under the antivirus safety, you can also use a VPN connection for safe browsing, along with scanning WiFi for any threats. Performance tab includes battery life extension mechanisms, task killer, upload, and download speeds.

You also get an anti-theft option which locates your phone via Google Maps, locks your phone and make a siren sound.

There’s a nifty feature called Theftie which emails you a photo of someone trying to unlock your phone. Other functions are the app insights that monitor your app and a privacy tab that has the ability to create a secret vault to hide your media. AVG also aides in spam by blocking calls. So, save your phone by the looming threats and download AVG from the link below.

2. 360 Security Free Antivirus, Booster, Cleaner

360 Security is an app that provides you a little of everything. It has an effective speed booster that prohibits apps to clog your RAM while cleaning cache in tandem. 360 Security also offers a smart battery saver to identify and control apps that drain your battery life. Don’t be worried about viruses or phishing! The antivirus solutions by this app are full proof that frees your device from malware and adware. Suppose, you are unhappy with your existing lock screen, you get a multi-function lock screen that has quick turn on-off shortcuts for WiFi and the likes. Manage notifications and operate flashlight from this lock screen.

To up the security, you get a call and SMS filter to block unwanted guests. Differentiate insecure to secure connections through the app’s WiFi security section. There is an ‘Intruder Selfie’ mode which identifies anyone who’s breaking into your phone which is more of a gimmick is there if you need it. Moreover, you can access this app with your fingerprint scanner so no hassle of patterns or pins. Download this app give your smartphone 360-degree protection.

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