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Heart failure can be treated with lifestyle modifications and drugs, but some people require open-heart surgery or open-heart surgery to address the underlying causes. Dr. Sujay Shad's heart failure surgery in Delhi focuses on either the coronary arteries or the heart valves to increase blood flow or heart function. It may enable normal cardiac pumping, allowing the necessary amount of oxygen-rich blood to reach the heart muscles for proper function. Valve replacement surgery, coronary artery bypass graft surgery (also known as angioplasty to prevent or treat blocked coronary arteries), LVAD, ECMO, and heart transplant surgery are among the procedures available. Following surgery, the patient has a higher survival rate and a higher quality of life. After heart surgery, shortness of breath, chest pain, and weariness are no longer present. To know more Meet Dr. Sujay Shad, Heart Surgery Specialist in Delhi.

Dr. Sujay Shad

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