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iPad Tips and Tricks 2022 Tips Every User Should Know

If you are an iPad user then I’m pretty sure that you don’t know about the amazing tips and tricks that you can do on your iPad OS 13 like all call recorder for iphone, photo editing apps etc. These all the tricks will make your life work easy and also save you more time.

So if you want to know all the amazing tips and tricks of the iPad then read the article till the end. so let’s go ahead with me you will see all the tricks in the full details.

Tips and Tricks For Safari On iOS 13

1) Whenever you’re browsing on Safari and you have a bunch of tabs open then you can pinch with three fingers the same as I have shown in the GIF below.

2) It will show you all the open tabs on your home screen. this will work with the landscape mode and the portrait mode as well. so all you got to do is just pinch in with three fingers to see all tabs that you have open.

Also, from here you will be able to force touch on one of the tabs and it will give you a little menu that allows you to close all the other tabs or also rearrange the tabs by the website or by title.

3) You can also drag any one of the tabs directly from the tab view to the split-screen mode or make it an app card.

So basically just drag the tab as I have shown into the GIFs below and you can place that tab on the side and make a split view or you can place it and turn that tab into an app card.

4) You can also close the app by pinching, so this trick doesn’t work just on Safari it will work on all the apps on the iPad.

What you need to do is just, instead of using three fingers which we use to go through the tabs view. now you can use four fingers to close the app by pinching.

YouTube Trick For iOS 13 on iPad

5) You might not know but you can use the picture-in-picture feature that the iPad offers even on YouTube on Safari. so if you play a video then all you need to do is just go to the fullscreen mode.

So once you go to the full-screen mode then you will get that button that will take you to the picture in picture mode.

Once, you enable the picture mode then you can go out from YouTube and use any app that you want, and the video still playing on the small screen.

You can resize the video screen, you can make it small or you can make it bigger and you can hide it on the side.

When you make this bigger so anytime you open an app or something you’re doing something and this is interfering then you can just double-tap to make it small again.

App Card Split Screen Tricks

6) Now one of the biggest new features of the iPad app card allows you to basically use any apps just like you use them on your iPhone.

So if you open an app on the full screen then you can go ahead and just drag any other app and turn that into an app card that looks similar to the ones that we get on the iPhone.

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