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Unfortunately, herd mentality can be harmful to bloggers in the food blogging niche.

Common herd mentality practices involve adopting mass-recommended plugins, courses, themes, or implementing “questionable” strategies that others may be doing, and as such, you should be doing as well.

Because most food bloggers operate on the WordPress platform, herd mentality practices present themselves in plugins, themes, and WP-specific hosting providers. I’ve seen slot online bloggers switch entirely away from one SEO plugin or theme or host to another, to their detriment, just because a friend, a more prominent blogger or a Facebook thread told them to do so.

The most visible example of herd mentality, though, tends to be a blind following of bigger bloggers in an attempt to replicate their success. This is especially destructive because trying to replicate what you see in top-ranking sites also means repeating their mistakes.


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