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Habitat For Humanity Canada

Support 12 volunteer artists animating a short film in 2 weeks for charity-- help 'make a film make a difference' for a better world!!

Support Team Generous, ex-Pixar Jericca "Rikki" Cleland and Frederik Villumsen from Denmark, and their new charity project for Habitat for Humanity Canada on Kickstarter. After the wildlife, the children, the m

Capture d'écran 2014-08-17 à 11.07.54.png

edics without border, the Team focus this year to help Habitat for Humanity Canada with a short animating film.

I do hope they will make it !!A big great challenge for a big great cause !

I just backed Team Generous Canada 2014 on @Kickstarter

Tell the word to the World !!

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