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A Dickens Kobold

I am wordless and terribly proud to see one my illustration becomes alive under the faerie fingers of VIRGINIE ROPARS. It is the most beautiful surprise I have ever received and feel deeply honored. I know Virginie for a long time now and I always had in mind to get a piece of her in my studio and pretentiously I told to myself that my illustrations could fit to her style perfectly well. Virginie Ropars has taken care so much of the details and even tought of what wasn't seen in the 2D picture. The proportions are perfect, the look so deep and Gosh ! I wouldn't like to be in front of this little man in a street. The Dickens Kobold seems so much alive don't you think ! Thank you Virginie ! Thank you madly so much to make this piece such a beauty. And of course thank you Margo to have been the trigger of this. Keeping the secret for so long, I know it is so hard for you to keep your tongue when you have a surprise like that to do ^^.

With all my deep admiration and friendship


Original Illustration


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