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New this week : a new tab about my 3D models

With my Wacom Cintiq on my side alawys I started to learn 3D in 2010 when I moved in Montreal and since, I didn't stop.

Zbrush is a monstrous tool, at the top and still evolving to be at the top.

(for the geeks, like me, the ZB 4R7's just been released !!)

You will discover a lot of different styles : fantasy, cartoon, realistics, architecture.

But it looks like the more I move on and learn the more I tend to the cartoon style.

Simplifying the line is difficult (for detail lover like me) but very rewarding when we achieve it.

Since I began to work for the animation industry my line has changed and no doubt that the 3D helped me to evolve in that way.


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