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Sketchbook is Coming ! Jean-Baptiste Monge © 2015

My early year has been busy with 2 things, my work in animation studios and the preparation of a new sketchbook - as my latest artbook is sold out and my former ones quite almost. It's time for new things, don't you think ?

Since the end of 2014, Margo and I are collecting and gathering sketches that pile up on my desk, moleskines and portfolios... A big amount of paper of all size...

We've been scanning and cleaning the pictures for 3 months now, and we have already a great amount of pages already built. I keep sketching in the same time because an idea draws always another one !

You will find many of my main subjects among others: Faeries, Goblins, Animals, Creatures, Fantasy, Characters as I see them, Concepts more or less finished... I do want a book filled and hope full of answers for you.

This won't be a single book, I'm going to make a serie of sketchbooks that I will released progressively. This is our new challenge as self-publisher.

We have to keep discussing with the print house to find the best interesting solution, quality and price, to get something nice in hand. We will probably choose a softcover to keep affordable world shipping, because unfortunately Canada isn't famous for their low fees. And if everything goes in the good way, I wish to get my 1st book in July 2015. We are optimistic !

Stay tuned for the updates !!

Here is a funny sneak peek of one of the sketch you will find in: Meet Brian Froud ! or should I say his Goblin customized version ! His book "Faeries" that he did with Alan Lee is a book that inspired me at the beginning, with the one of Rien Poorvliet "Gnomes".

So Thank You Master Froud for that gift !

With all my Goblin Friendship,

Jean-Baptiste Monge

March 12 2015

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