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FIP - Froud in Progress

Here are the steps from Sketch to final painting :

Preliminary Sketch that gave me the idea to push further on the caricature side.

First try of the face of Brian Froud.

Caricature isn't something natural for me but I think I I'm going to try more in now. This is really fun to do.

I finsihed this evening the digital painting ! I hope you will have fun with his Goblin Version ! Feel Free to share !

For once I didn't forgot to record my process on Photoshop CC thanks to Quicktime Player and I should be able to post in few days the making of in video.

A special Thanks to Denis Zilber who shared his brushes with me that he uses for the grain of the skin.

I urge you to have a look on his website, if you don't know his work, this guy is incredibly good !

Cheers to you Guys !!

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