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Successful Auction !


Long time I didn't wrote on my blog, my painting auction ended on May 20th 2015.

The painting has been sold and thanks to this generous heart, we raised 1100$ for Allen Williams' campaign on GoFundMe. This is fantastic !

The goal is so close to be achieved, so if you still have few bucks to give, feel free to do so !

It looks like I gave the idea to many other artists during the Spectrum event this May. The former organizators Cathy and Arnie Fenner and the new one John Flesk, gathered several artworks generously given to the cause and you can still have them and help someone in the same time !

Go and check this update of Iain McCaig on and see who is participating.

or Go directly on Ebay:

Spectrum Fanatstic Art Live Ebay Auctions : They propose packs of several artists !! Amazing!

Donato Giancola's Obi Wan Art on Ebay too.

and still to be announced : 501st STAR WARS AUCTION... Juicy ^^

Many Many Thanks again for the person who bought my painting, that is flying right now to Netherlands and for all the support everyone send to Allen and his Family.

Best best wishes to all of you!


Jean-Baptiste Monge

June 3rd 2015

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