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I started a Patreon few months ago and wanted to test it and understand it all before beginning some advert.

To clarify a little bit what is Patreon, let's make a tiny introduction:

Patreon is plateform for artists of all fields. It offers a solution for helping artists and for making easier the communication with the persons that are passionate by their work and that are willing to contribute every month for their projects and want to be a Patron.

Thanks to the generosity of Patrons, every month, a little amount is given to the artist and the artist can give to his Patrons preview showings, exlusive contents like steps by steps of works in progress, tips and hints of his own.

Your financial support will help Margo and me to start new projects and to keep on the diffusion of my artwork properly.

I like this idea to be supported like the painters of old times were and to be able to create freely and plainly. In our contemporary times where Quantity is the motto, I'd like to return to the word Quality and preserve the authenticity of my creativity.

This privileged bound with my Patrons will give you a free access to my Studio and thoughts whenever you feel, as if you were sitting and looking above my shoulder.

I'd like to thank you and to express all my gratitude to you for supporting me already by reading this blog, for your nice words always! I feel already well surrounded!

Big Thank You Guys!

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