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March Sneak Peeks

Hey my Studio is open! C'mon in!!

I've been working on several projects these days and I wanted to share my WIPs with you!

Some are just exercises some more than that.

Let's start with my daily exercise if you want.

I'm the kind of person that can't do nothing. I'm always looking for busying my hands.

I need it!!

- I'm laughing right now because few days ago I had a great discussion about this "need", this "void to fill" with my good pals Serge Birault and Thierry Labrosse , an evening at my place.

Long talk with good Fellows is all what we need right! -

Here is one of my several exercises. I pick randomly a photography of a landscape and I try to reproduce what I see, digitally, from A to Z without cheating or taking part of the picture to help.

I create everything with my brushes, moss, rocks, trees etc.

I'm a fond-of-details-guy, but for once and for landscape, I try to keep it loose.

I focus on the color, the mood and the dynamism, this is my goal.

Here is the 2nd sneak peek I chose for you:

I always wanted to make a Turkey

Don't laugh ^^ but this big fluffy bird cast a spell on me!

And I tried and tried again to find the right view, the right colors, the right composition and storytelling... so far without success

I do hope this one will match to my expectations at last!!

Feel free to comment below ansd share !

Cheers and let's talk soon!

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