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Fall for.... Denis Zilber!

Long time I didn't talk about my inspirations.

I will do one per month!

Everyday I spend time on internet to wake up and warm up my mind, that's my routine.

I browse and find inspirations.

It can be photo references for my current work, personal or freelance, and I also check out the updates of artists that I like very much.

I decided to open this session with Denis Zilber.

In one word: AWESOME !! His work is just fabulous! LOOK!

and .... Boom!!! Yeah I know it does that to everyone!

Denis is a Master of Volume, he controls the lights so well that he gives on his 2D digital illustrations this fantastic feeling of volume. Quite impressive, right?!

Here are very few samples of his artwork, but I urge you to look for more and to follow his work.

The 1st time I saw his work, I was almost sure he was doing sculpt base and then a color rendering on photoshop.... I was totally wrong!

What I like on his work is:

- the shapes: simple, elegant and so efficient!

- the details: the care he puts on details is terrific, we can feel all the different fabrics, all the textures and this draws us directly in his colorful universe. So alive!

- the storytelling: Denis is for me one of the best Character Designer of this century. Each character he designs has its own story, its own madness of humour and simplicity. All the details gathered around the character match perfectly to the story he wants to tell us.

I hope you will enjoy the Artwork and the man behind, because anytime I see his work, I feel boosted!

See you next month for another artist that I'm fond of!


All Pictures are (c) Denis Zilber

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