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WIP Weasel Riders

Hello Everyone!

This is the last picture I posted on my Patreon, my Weasel Riders.

These animals can be very cruel in the wild but I can't help I love them!

It's really so cute and the shape is very elegant.

It's been a while now that I want to draw one, I guess it's weasel month ^^

I have this picture in my head for some while and I really started the picture last year, before Christmas. Unfortunately my computer crashed but luckily a good mate saved this picture and only this one - Thank You so much Michel!

I needed to let pass some time on it and just open my file again few weeks ago.

These days I'm switching on different projects, to not be bored and to have the time to think right on my directions. One of the project I'm also working on is the Snail Express Rider (a wink to the Pony Express of course) that you can follow on the Artstation challenge page.

About my Weasel, I totally re-built it. In fact, this is very usual that I take one direction then change to take a different one. This is how we build a story and a picture to have the perfect match and good dynamism.

I started with the animal in a very cartoon way but after this long pose, I had the time to think about it and I realize now that it wasn't the good way for me.

Here is the step I am right now and I really enjoy to make pinky snout and fur (happy spring and happy fur shed - for those with animals you will understand).

During my research on internet, I fell on this Youtube video, Ozzy the cutest Weasel in the world.

I'm laughing loud because I just can't stop imagining my Fellows riding on his back and trying not to fall from while the weasel is just whirling and twisting everywhere, endlessly like a little devil. They're brave!


Soft: photoshop - digital painting in progress on my fabulous Wacom Cintiq 27" ^^

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