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Fall for.... Robb Mommaerts!

Here we go again for my new monthly inspiration.

Robb Mommaerts is my most recent favorite Artist.

I discovered his fantastic work only during Inktober 2015.

Shame, Shame, Shame on me!

I know!!!

It is because of him I decided to give a try again with my own inks.

I bought new quills and pens and pull out from my drawers my old ink supplies.

Robb has a perfect line and so much humor comes from it.

His moose is hilarious! I love it! So much character and happiness in the same time.

The 'Banjo Moose' one of my fav' from Robb Mommaerts!

Here are few other samples of his work. This is only the top of the iceberg because his blog is a true gold mine, I swear!

His black and white work is absolutely Gorgeous.

I still keep learning on my side and this kind of work is a big challenge. I don't work for comics and as I tend to be more and more cartoon, this is a true lesson for me to know how to simplify my line to reach the perfect style, without loosing dynamism and life.

Robb is also a great character designer as you can see, with a lot of imagination. All his characters have their own soul, they are so appealing ! That is talking to me straight in my heart

I have a long way before me to have his level of Ink Master but fortunately for me, I have a terrific original drawing of him just in front of me when I work at my table.

I would have died if this bogeyman had gone in another house.

I hope you will have discovered something today, feel free to follow his marvelous work and world throughout the networks and see you next month for another great artist that I love !!


This Bogeyman is gazing at me all day long!

All Pictures are (c) Robb Mommaerts

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