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Banana Daily Schedule

My routine is MEOWesome

5 AM : sit on the chest of Margo to wake up her smoothly but surely so she can walk with me in the dark toward my dry food.

5:30 AM : pee and poop time

5:45 AM : back on my pillow on the bed to the last part of night sleep.

8 AM : Purring time on my pillow on the bed where JB and Margo are still asleep, ...but not for long.

9 AM : walk on the balcony – without forgetting the singing bird noises to draw them. Maybe it will happen someday.

9:30 AM: Running after catnip stuffed mouse. I'm such a hunter !

10 AM : Nap time somewhere I fancy not too far from Margo and JB, a strategic place to see their moves, sometimes eventually with my dumb brother to get some licks and warmth.

Note to myself : avoiding to show him my bottom, he, simple-mind, pays it too much attention and it can turn quickly to something I don't appreciate... at all!

Alternative escape: climb the wooden ladder, ruin his domination plan by giving him some great good slaps in his dirty face.

Nap until 5 PM - eat and poop in-between somewhere couples of times

5 PM : battery full and loaded! - Treat time meows until they gave up and give me some chicken taste croquette or raw tunaaaaaa can at last. I'm soooo talkative and can be soooo persuasive, with my big eyes, and trilling, and dance of love!

5:30 PM : LET'S GET BONKERS! Chase the treat in the corridor time, my favorite !

6PM : Scratch my sleeping place because I want it badly

7 PM : Try to get some more treats by meowing and trilling to draw their attention. I have a master in trilling just to let you know.

7:30 : chase the brother but always forget that he is stronger than me and regret it after.

8 PM : napping somewhere and leave my foster human buddies alone so they can eat and watch a movie

until 10 PM or so, try to get few treats just in case they get soften

11 PM : Ready to sleep for good, but before always bringing my stuffed hamster called "Geronimo" and try to speak while I have it in my mouth so I make a cute trilling sound- to show them it is time to gather in the den, I mean the bed. I leave Geronimo on the floor all slimy because he is not allowed to move on the bed.

Jump on the bed and purr and knead badly my pillow and finally curl on the hand of Margo, so she can't read nor move. Exhausted, she falls asleep like this for my own and selfish but truly deserved pleasure.

I love my routine and protocols !!

Banana - jbmonge

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