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Régis Loisel - His Mickey Mouse!

Everyone knows Régis Loisel !!

Peter Pan, The Quest of the Time Bird to mention just a few of his amazing artworks but he has also been involved in Productions like Mulan and Atlantis of Disney.

He is a fantastic artist and I'm happy to consider him as very good friend.

When I moved in Canada 6 years ago, he generously offered me a place to work in his studio, to let me times to find a home and place with Margo, and for something that was supposed to be temporary, I spent finally 2 years in his studio.

That has been a great time sharing this space with him and my other mate Thierry Labrosse.

After 14 years of sharing his place with friends and artists and working himself on amazing projects, he has celebrated yesterday eve his leaving party. I couldn't miss this!!

This very last year he has work intensively on a project that was very dear to him.

When I was at the studio we had long talks about it. We are both very fond of Mickey Mouse, Uncle Scrooge, Donald and we have both the same vision of this universe that filled our youth.

Yesterday night Régis was very excited to show me his work, ... and what a work!!!

A Mickey Mouse, of the 30s style, by one of the best Comics French artist : An outstanding piece of art ! Just a simple chef d'oeuvre!

I tell you, this is the best work that Regis Loisel has done – and I think because he has put all his child heart inside, we see directly that he took a lot of pleasure to work: all is beauty and fluidity! Some Regis artwork at his best level and even more!

He has known how to mix his experience with all the magic of “Le Journal de Mickey”. All the characters are there, with the spirit of Carl Barks, Don Rosa and Floyd Gottfredson but with Regis' Soul.

But in addition to, it is also the most amazing Mickey I have ever seen and I really look forward to keeping at my side, like a holy sacred book!

I wait for this 64 pages of extraordinary strips this November!

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