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Kickstarter SUCCESS

Hello Everyone!

What an AMAZING adventure ! The Kickstarter campaign has ended on June 11th and we were right behind the computer with Margo until the end to reply to all the persons who wanted to pledge at the very last minutes. It felt like New Year Eve!

Excitement, emotions, joy ! Yes that was very emotional.

All of this wouldn't have happened without all this amazing help from all around the world!!

We are so impressed and so grateful!

Celtic FAERIES will be one of a kind!

For the persons who couldn't pledge, who missed the campaign or just discover it right now! You can pre-order the book by following this link

We have decided to let the book a longer chance to be seen. Indiegogo a famous other crowdfunding platform contacted us to put our project on InDemand and as Kickstarter didn't propose it, we both agreed that it would be interested to have a PRE-ORDER LINK open for all of you again.

Just choose your favorite!

We're working hard on the layout, the last details are always the longest!!

We will update the Kickstarter campaign weekly, to not bothering you too much

and a huge thank you again for all of you who supported us during this Journey!


GusGus always at your service!!

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