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Summer Time!

Summer is shining all over the planet right now and we are in time in our book schedule!

Already 2 months that our Kickstarter has finished and we are still working on it right now to offer you the best book ever!

Some of you missed the campaign but it is still possible to

Treat and pamper yourself by getting the very

1st edition in English of this Amazing Collector Hardcover Book :

Celtic FAERIES - The Secret Kingdom

This book of wonders is already a reference and critically acclaimed all around the world!

Fairies, Goblins, Brownies, Redcaps and Pixies you will know everything about them!!

The mock up of the book and goodies are right now at the printer and we have also sent the desktop backgrounds and coloring pictures to all our supporters with Backerkit.

(Everyone who pledged and who haven't received yet the desktops and coloring pages, check first your spam box and you can contact us with kickstarter, we will check together). The PDF book and the Jigsaw puzzle will come later in the year and we do hope also in time for Christmas!

Until the next update about the book, we wish you all an amazing Summer time!

Cheers to All of You!

Jean-Baptiste & Margo

Goblin's WAY yours ^^

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