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I missed you!

Hi there my Good Friends! Long time I didn't post here. So many Networks and in the same time it is more and more difficult to be seen properly in this wide and wild internet ocean!

What is new since last year?

My shop is back (yeah!), feel free to click on the tab on the menu above and have a look and choose something you enjoy :), or go directly THERE! New goodies have been added.

About Celtic FAERIES the book, here is the last update I posted on the Kickstarter thread: I hope I will have good news to share soon for you! Again, we are sorry for this delay. We will be able to know why it takes us an eternity to deliver by following the link. We will make amends my Friends!

New communities:

You know that I am on Patreon, video Tutorials, techniques, WIP and tips await you there (in English)

Welcome on my Patreon!

I am also on Tipeee (Pour les Francophones!!) : videos, illu en avant première trucs et astuces, c'est par ici, avec sa communauté FB privée et des Tipeurs au petit soin.

Bienvenus sous mon Tipeee!

I will be also very soon on Drip!, the new Kickstarter platform to prepare my next campaigns and pamper the community there.

What's next?

We would like with Margo giving some fresh new looks to the Official website that we put aside for so many months, some new improvements to make it gorgeous ^^! and we will try to be above all on the communities to make great contents for you Guys!

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