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Books smell good!

My book is back on my store!!! BOOYA!!!

Check this out : Celtic FAERIES

if you need a book of Faeries and Goblins, then you need this one (I'm good seller right?! haha!!)

To tell you everything, for me it is my most complete book, it took me 2 years of my life to achieve it, texts, illustrations, layout and I am even more proud to be also today my own publisher. It takes a lot of energy to make everything right but I find this very much important in my artist life to have now all the choices in my hands.

For those who discover my blog, Celtic FAERIES has been published in France in 2007 and I translated in English few years ago. This book has been a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2016 but with misfortune, we have to deal hidden defects and we had been forced to stop the deliveries because we didn't have enough good book to ship.

We are still in the negotiation process with the printer and we have good faith we will be able to resume the deliveries in few months with brand new books (special Kickstarter edition).

So meanwhile that these dear followers got their goods, here is a Deluxe edition of the book (but not numbered/limited like for the Kickstarter) with gorgeous ornaments and assets:

- a glossy jacket to adorn its cover with hot foiled writings and ornaments - endbands to reinforce the adhesive and finish the edge of the inside gatherings - a blue fabric bookmark to ensure that you always find your page. - an elegant fabric style undercover with hot foiled title and design. - large visuals and pictures, soft glossy pages and 10 insides pages with hot foiled (gold) writings.

I got the huge honour to receive 3 marvellous prefaces, I hope you will enjoy them all as much as I do!

Guillermo del Toro, Movie director (Pacific Rim, Crimson Peak and the critically acclaimed Shape of Waters) Iain McCaig (John Carter of Mars, Star Wars etc.) Paul Tobin (King Kong, Narnia, Lord of the Ring etc.)

See you soon my Friends!

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