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3 great milestones have been reached!!

We want to express our GRATITUDE concerning your support on our new Kickstarter Campaign launched on September 16 Celtic Faeries - The Secret Kingdom NEW EDITION 2023.

It has been funded and the book WILL BE REALIZED!!

Your support is FANTASTIC and maybe during those few days left of the campaign we might be able to unlock some new features.

We're thrilled to know that you're on our side, as true believers of the FAERIE WORLD and as estimated members of our community.

The campaign runs until October 16 and we would be very glad if you join us in our new adventure. If you did already, then of course it's AWESOME. If you can't spend the amount but love our project, please spread our PIXIE DUST around you sending it to friends and people you know. There's Magic everywhere and the door of the Faerie Kingdom is WIDE OPEN NOW ! SO COME ON AND STEP IN !


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