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Animation movie : 10 Lives

At last we have a date to share for the upcoming movie on which I worked on 2021-2022.

March 12 2024

Unless there are some unexpected events that cause to postpone the film, it will be on screen at this date!

I'm very impatient to show you my work! Right now on IMDB we can see just the first designs from 2018 before the producers stopped everything and call a new director on 2021 to take back the project and it is the fabulous Christopher Jenkins who made a fantastic hit with Surf's Up.

All I can say is that the character design is very different and I created many characters for this English and Canadian production (GFM Animation / L'Atelier Animation).

I am also very curious to discover next March the movie, the models made from my designs, the animation itself, the voice performance of those great actors, the whole stuff ^^ !!

Right now, there is no teaser, but I'll keep an eye for you!


movie poster
10 Lives animation movie 2024


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