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Bye Bye Redbubble

Hello my Friends!

Just a little notification to say that I left the website Redbubble because a great part of my artworks has not been protected against the massive theft of the AI companies and users.

I found out that the pictures of my work on RB directly fed the machine learnings.

As RB doesn't take the time to reply to my request of data protections - showing me this way how much they respect artists - as they seem to have no care at all for the creators, and I mean the real ones, I prefered to erase all my datas on RB. We still see ghosts of my pages on Google but I hope it will be gone forever soon.

I am taking the time needed to focus and to re-center everything where I have control.

Unfortuantely all the cookies info telling you that they are protecting your datas and personal info are just there to feed their machines to know every single bit of you. I am so fed up with that because we have absolutely no control to say "NO" and to tell "I do not agree".

About the AI situation, my illustrations are my life and same than my freedom they are precious, I worked hard to have my skills and style and I still do.

AI users and companies are no respectful people.

To join our group to find regulation of AI in Europe, feel free to have look here :


logo to express that we are angry agaisnt AI abusive use. Generated picture by AI are no art. create, be human, don't scrape, we want an AI regulation.
Create don't scrape - if you want AI regulation use it!

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