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"La Fille du Verseau" by Cécile Corbel

Illustration faite pour l'album "La Fille du Verseau" qui sort bientôt!

Vraiment content de cette belle collaboration, une belle aventure avec des amis Cécile Corbel (musicienne, chanteuse), Laurent Tixier (compositeur, auteur),Simon Caby Soizick Fonteneau, Jean-Michel Mousset, Fanny Tixier et Margo Grig ! un peu de #bretagne , un peu de #vendée et beaucoup de plaisir, de musique et d'histoire.

Illustration made for the music album "La Fille du Verseau" (released on July 2nd or 7th) Very happy with this collaboration, a fantastic adventure with friends named above! A Little bit of #Brittany, a little bit of #vendée and a lot of pleasure, music and history

"La Fille du Verseau" by Cécile Corbel July 7 2023

PS- and as you might guess : #noaiart !!!!!

music album cover of Cécile Corbel painted by Jean-Baptiste Monge. woman figure emerging from a rough sea, with siren tail, angel wings, a harp in one hand and a spear in the other. A bright orange halo behind her hair. she has antlers like a deer.
La Fille du verseau illustration ©™ Jean-Baptiste Monge no reproduction allowed / I do not give my consent to use my work for AI - prompt and all machine learning

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