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Long time no see! What's up ?!

It's been so long we haven't written any news on the website!

FB and other medias take such a place nowadays that we have barely the energy to update one more website!

but... We definitely need to do it!

First of all, we have left Canada during 2021, after 12-13 years of great adventure and moved back to old Europe.

the new start have been a bit hectic but we are back on track with new projects.

Here are a few links to find us again around :

ETSY : the new (European) store we still send worldwide !!

Patreon : I am very present on that platform with loooots of private content and new project that only patrons see

Facebook : we are almost at 100K followers, this is quite a hit!

and even if I am not so present on Instagram this is still a sweet place to hang out! :

We hope you spent a lovely Summer and that the next part of 2022 will give you the sparkles and Magic you just need!


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